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Bronze Cross, Two Nude Women

Collection of Gerald Gardner

This impressively large, 23 lb., bronze, one of a kind sculpture was part of the collection of Gerald B. Gardner and was exhibited in his museum, "the Witches Mill" on the Isle of Man. The contents of the museum were willed, by Gerald, to his fourth and final High Priestess, Monique Wilson. Ms. Wilson sold this and a number of other items to John Turner of Ripleys "Believe it or Not" Museum before fleeing England to escape religious persecution. Turner later moved the museum from England to St. Petersburg Florida and in 1985 sold the cross to the occult writer Allen Greenfield.

The cross is pictured in Marshall Cavendish's Man, Myth and Magic, Volume 4, with the caption:

"Below right, human bodies reappear in this curious cross, once owned by Montague Summers, an authority on Witchcraft and demonology: now in the Witches' Mill, Isle of Man".

The inscription " M. Summers " does indeed, appear on the lower edge of the base.


According to Turner, The cross was modeled after two real life subjects who were posing for the creation of the cross for the "Hellfire Club". Another picture of it appears in Doreen Valiente's "The Rebirth of Witchcraft".

SOLD    May 2004

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