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Come join us this Yuletide and visit our secret store .

For more than 20 years we have been merchanting at large Pagan festivals such as Rites of Spring, Free Spirit Gathering, Starwood and Sirius Rising. This year all of the items from our traveling show are on display in our store at our home. This shop is not open to the public and can only be seen by invitation or appointment.

The secret of our success at festivals has been that we sell only hard to find, often one of a kind, items and not your everyday occult store fare We have a large collection of antique iron cauldrons of various shapes and sizes. We also carry unusual altar pieces. Right now we have paintings from Greece, Native American items, Anique Pharmacy items, Irish blackthorns, vintage pentagram trivets, obscure used books and videos, abalone shells, conch shell horns, an old grain flail,  ancient Greek and Roman coins and real quartz crystal scrying balls to name just a few of our many exotic items.

Another signature item is our bundles of myrrh beads from Mali in West Africa. This can be an excellent gift for Yule OR Christmas


Please R.S.V.P.: David and Bonnie Donohue (610) 845-2834






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